Science/Animal: CBD prevented the brain from damage due to lack of oxygen in newborns

In a study with rats administration of CBD prevented newborn animals from the consequences of lack of oxygen supply, namely disturbance of myelination of nerve cells and associated functional impairment.

Health Research Institute Puerta de Hierro Majadahonda, Madrid, Spain.

Ceprián M, et al. Front Pharmacol. 2019;10:1131.


Science/ Cells: How CBD reduces inflammation of brain cells

Studies of microglia cells showed that CBD exerts its anti-inflammatory effect by, among other things, antioxidant effects on the microglia.

The authors wrote that these results “further confirm that CBD can have therapeutic effect under conditions where neuro-inflammatory processes are present.”


Sorbonne, your Cerveau and the Moelle épinière (ICM), Paris, France Institute.


Dos-Santos-Pereira M, et al. Glia, 24. October 2019

Science / Animal: CBD can be useful in Parkinson’s disease and tardive dyskinesia The repeated administration of reserpine to rodents causes an impairment of motor skills, accompanied by cognitive deficits. It is used for tardive dyskinesia as well as for Parkinson’s disease. CBD (0.5 and 5 mg / kg) attenuated the increase in rats from the cataleptic behavior and mouth movements caused by Reserpine. CBD (0.5 mg / kg) also improved memory deficits caused by Reserpine. The authors wrote that CBD can be useful for Pharmakotherapy for Parkinson’s disease and tardive dyskinesia. Clinic for Psychiatry, Federal University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Peres FF, et al. Front Pharmacol. 2016

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